June 23, 2016

YouTube Personality Roman Atwood at Old Bahama Bay

Roman Atwood is one of the most popular American YouTube personalities. His hidden camera public prank and family focused videos, which he uploads to his YouTube account, have garnered over 1.28 billion views and more than 8.7 million subscribers.  

Roman and his whole family recently stayed with us here at Old Bahama Bay.  He filmed a series of five vlogs here at the resort and around Grand Bahama Island.

  1. NEVER DO THIS!! - https://youtu.be/D88R1khSROI 6/6/16 (2.51 million Views)
  2. A LITTLE TIME AWAY!! - https://youtu.be/TJL38eppADI  6/7/16 (1.56 million Views)
  3. THE STORM IS HERE!! - https://youtu.be/Uq4J62eJCoY  - cave jumping 6/9/16 (1.95 million Views)
  4. I CRUSHED IT!! - https://youtu.be/4iNeMezfH_U  6/10/16 (1.7 million Views)
  5. THIS IS THE END!! - https://youtu.be/-M5yAJ9Z8yQ – checking out 6/11/16 (2.15 million Views)

“Impish and extreme pranks made Roman Atwood, 33, a digital superstar, but he’s now more likely to create videos of himself cavorting with his two boys and hanging out at home. The Ohio native started posting comedy videos to YouTube in 2009 while working full time at a rope-manufacturing plant.


Full article in Variety Magazine published 6/21/16 -  http://variety.com/2016/digital/news/roman-atwood-youtube-family-pranks-1201797423/

Atwood focuses his brand around the slogan “Smile More,”and we hope these videos did just that!