March 08, 2016

The All New Dockside Bar and Grille at Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour

Renowned Bahamian Chef Patrick Pierre is at the helm of the all new Dockside Bar & Grille at Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour in West End, Grand Bahama providing guests with fine gourmet dining in an elegant atmosphere.

Dockside Bar & Grille at Old Bahama Bay has a menu that consists of scrumptious Bahamian cuisine with American, Asian, French, Italian and Latin influences, which showcases Chef Pierre’s culinary prowess and innovation.

“I had always dreamed of owning my very own restaurant and when the opportunity finally presented itself I discussed it with my wife Roshel and began recruiting a few of the best chefs, waiters, waitresses, mixologists, hostesses and managers I have had the privilege of working with throughout my career.

“The team assembled is like a family and one of our goals is to render professional, top quality service in an environment that caters to and elevates the fine dining experience of patrons in a relaxed atmosphere,” Chef Pierre said.

The renowned chef noted that the team at Dockside Bar & Grille utilizes fresh, local, indigenous ingredients that tantalize the palate.  Delectable appetizers, entrées, desserts and sauces include Bahamian crawfish/lobster, Nassau grouper, West End conch, Andros crab, Eleuthera pineapples, mango, sour sop and guava spiced with unexpected notes of rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, bird pepper, onion, nutmeg, cinnamon and garlic. 

Unique dishes such as pickled conch sushi, burgers with tomato marmalade, seafood pastas with lion fish bites, cracked lobster, coconut flavored peas and rice among so many others things are guaranteed to transform the “typical” dining experience of locals and tourists alike.

In addition to an all new menu, patrons will see other noticeable changes at the new Dockside Grille including:

• Higher level of service
• Daily hand made fresh pasta
• Wider variety of wines and spirits
• Daily drink specials

Quick fire question and answer with Chef Patrick:
ü  Foodie foundation: Helping and watching mom cook.
ü  The mere mention of this food brings a smile to your face: Sushi.
ü  Current cooking obsessions: Fresh fish.
ü  Most nostalgic dish: Legume & sauce pois (Haitian dish)
ü  What are your three favorite ingredients to cook with and why? : Fresh thyme, garlic and onions. I love the aroma they give to food.
ü  What is the one kitchen tool you can’t live without? Tasting spoon.
ü  What’s your greatest strength in the kitchen? Organization

The Dockside Bar & Grille is open daily for dinner.  For reservations, call 242-350-6500 or email For more information on Old Bahama Bay Resort and Yacht Harbour visit

Pan fried pink Lion Fish with coconut peas n rice and vegetable medley

Chef Patrick Pierre

Dockside Bar & Grille